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Experts in Custom Transformer
Design & Selection

Our expert design engineers have 100+ combined years of experience in transformer design, applications and engineer. Leveraging this experience, MCI wants to help bring your product to market faster by providing fast prototypes and turnaround times.

  • MCI Custom Transformers

    Custom Transformers

    We design and manufacture custom transformers and magnetics specifically for your application. Contact us today to work with one of our knowledgeable applications engineers.
  • PC Mount Transformers

    PC Mount Transformers

    Whether large or small, horizontal or vertical, we have the exact PC mount transformers that will meet your specifications.
  • PC Mount Transformers

    Chassis Mount Transformers

    We have a wide selection of chassis mount transformers to fulfill your exact requirements.
  • Class 2 Transformers

    Class 2 Transformers

    Class 2 Transformers are good for appliances, ovens, lighting systems, and more that require UL 1585 compliance. See our top-performing selections.
  • Toroids

    Toroid Transformers

    Toroid Transformers offers lower weight, easier mounting, greater efficiency and less radiation. MCI can manufacture toroids with many different dimensions.
  • International Transformers

    International Transformers

    Our international transformers are safeguarded with the most rigid regulations based on agencies around the world.
  • Medical Transformers

    Medical Transformers

    Medical and biomedical transformers have many applications in medical instruments, devices, and equipment. All of our parts meet strict industry requirements.
  • Industrial Control Transformers

    Industrial Control Transformers

    We also offer low and safe control voltages for electromagnetic devices, such as motor starters and timers that pass all regulations.

Building Quality Transformers for Over 50 Years

We have served both large and small customers for 50 years and our products are UL, CSA and TUV-CE certified.

Our unique structure of REGIONAL FACTORIES provides direct, quick response and service with the purchasing and engineering power of a large company.

MCI Transformer Corporation has the customer orientation of a small company which fully recognizes the special service needs of our customers.

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